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Ficha 17.1. You’d better not have a crush on me since I am an anonymous dude to give you the runaround. You may not think of me.

♻️recordemos DUDE ….. tipo, tío . 🔗🔗🔗Backlog 🔗CRUSH ……..✅have a crush on someone ,,,,,,,,,Estar colado , enamorado ……. ✅Estrujar , apretujar ,machacar ….. ➡️➡️María está colada por mí……. Mary has got a crush on me ➡️➡️almendras machacadas ……. Crushed almonds

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Ficha 17.0. A straggler may be the first to pass through the scrum and get to the hole in the wall .

🔗🔗🔗. Backlog .( trabajo atrasado , pendiente ) . Con esta señal 🔗 traemos trabajo de fichas atrasadas que quedaron pendientes para comentar ahora . ↗🔗️Hole in the wall ……. Se traduce por ✅tugurio , garito . ↗🔗️Dodgy ……. Tradujimos … Continue reading

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Ficha 15.0. Despite certain setbacks that took a toll on you here it is your certificate of proficiency in English that we are happy to oblige. Don´t be a braggart now!!

🚣🚣🚣.🔗🔗 ↗️.TO SET BACK …… Tiene el significado de poner algo, alguien hacia detrás …. … por eso en inglés se emplea para ……. ↗️Atrasar ……. ➡️➡️The mayoress has set back the plans to hire new police officers due to … Continue reading

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