Ficha11.0.Such a yokel scrooge rubs me on the wrong side. Soft-hearted as I am that once again I find myself on tenterhooks.

🚣🚣🚣. En 8.1 vimos la frase …..”it feels like you don’t like me ” me parece que no te caigo bien ……..,,veamos hoy otras formas de decir que 😁 alguien no te cae bien , no la aguantas…… Veamos ….. ↗️I can’t stand him …….no lo soporto ……. ↗️He rubs me on the wrong side ……, literalmente ,me roza el lado malo , podríamos traducirlo como …no me cae nada bien , me toca un pie …….. Ahora bien si decimos …,.,, ↗️he hacks me off ! ……..,es que me toca los huevos ………podemos ser más finos y decir …. ↗️.He puts me off …..Me apaga ,me torra ….o ….↗️. He does my head in……. Me abomba ,me revienta ……………Y si queremos ser 📍widely-read tenemos un montón de verbos …. ↗️Irritate….. Irritar ↗️,nettle…..irritar también , además nettle es ✔️ortiga , entonces también es irritar por urticaria .↗️.bother …….molestar↗️.annoy …….. Un poco más fuerte que irritar , enojar ↗️.pester ……podríamos decir incordiar

🚨🚨↗️.WIDELY READ. ….. Muy leido , culto .

🚣🚣🚣.🔗🔗🔗.de la ficha 10.0

↗️.YOKEL……..cateto…….. recordemos aquí el sinónimo ↗️HICK …pueblerino , burdo (0.4🚘⛽️).

↗️.TO COME ROUND ….. Vimos la acepción de ✔️.volver en sí después de un desmayo……..también sirve para decir …….✔️.pasar por un sitio o visitar ➡️➡️. If you came round to 📍drop in on us it’d be a real pleasure !!….. Si vinieras por aquí a 📍hacernos una visita sería un auténtico placer . ……💠 come round tiene la idea de dar algo , alguien ,una vuelta …. Por eso también significa ✔️. Cambiar de opinión. ➡️➡️. I was listening to her for two 📍hours straight and surreptitiously came round to support her decision to have an abortion …. Estuve escuchándola durante dos 📍horas seguidas y subrepticiamente cambié de opinión para apoyarla en su decisión de abortar .

🚣TRICKY WORDS palabras trampa

↗️.CANDID …… No es cándido 😜.sino franco , sincero ………↗️ CANDOUR ….. es franqueza .
↗️.COMPLIMENTARY ….. No es complementario 😜….. sino …… ✔️Elogioso y ……✔️. Gratis …… esta última se ve mucho en los 📍fliers anunciando bebida gratis ➡️.COMPLIMENTARY DRINKS ,o en reservas de hoteles anunciando el desayuno ➡️.COMPLIMENTARY BREAKFAST….desayuno gratis .

🚨🚨↗️. FLIER . …… Publicidad en folleto …. ya es un anglicismo en España .

🚣🚣🚣. IDIOM .
El de hoy suena muy bien …..↗️.TO BE ON TENTERHOOKS …,,, estar en vilo . 🚸ojo porque estar en la cuerda floja se dice ↗️.TO WALK ON TIGHTROPE …….veamos …….➡️➡️.llevo una semana en vilo porque no sé todavía la nota del examen del proficiency , si no lo apruebo estaré en la cuerda floja en el trabajo ……… I’ve been on tenterhooks for a week because I don’t know yet the mark in my CPE exam , if I don’t pass it I shall be walking on tightrope at work


↗️.SCROOGE …..(en 0.3⛽️🚘) vimos TIGHT-FISTED como agarrado , también MEAN es avaro . Scrooge es rácano también .


↗️.SOFTHEARTED………. .buenazo, . ↗️.KINDHEARTED……….muy amable , dispuesto a ayudar siempre. ↗️. GOOD-NATURED….buenazo, bonachón , muy amable.



Podcast . BBC 4 . The thought of the day

Thought for the Day – 04/07/2014 – Vishvapani

Duration: 02:57

A doctor friend told me recently that as a medical student he’d expected he’d go into the community and cure people. But when he became a GP he learned how many problems medicine couldn’t solve. His patients had to live with them as chronic illnesses.

We’ve heard recently about the growing challenges for health and care services as more of us live longer and develop long-term physical conditions like diabetes and arthritis; or mental ones like depression and dementia. The test for politicians is how public services can manage rising demand on finite resources. But as well as what the state provides, it’s also a challenge for us as individuals and as a society.

Individually, the challenge is that, if we live longer while feeling sicker, we need to learn to manage better with pain and difficulty. My GP friend commented that many of us regard our bodies as if they were cars. When something goes wrong we take them in to be fixed; and if the doctor can’t fix the problem we’re shocked.

When I’ve worked with people with chronic pain using mindfulness, I’ve seen that learning to calm our minds and acknowledge the reality of our condition can make a big difference. Pain and disability needn’t mean you can no longer live a meaningful and even an enjoyable life, but it’s not easy and we need help to become more resilient.

The collective challenge is that looking after more people in the community means that the community itself needs to be stronger. Many of us already respond as carers or through the voluntary sector. But at a time when society is becoming more fragmented and we feel less natural connection with our neighbours, we need to cherish a vision of life that looks beyond our personal interests and struggles.

Among others, religious and spiritual traditions have much to offer here. People often think that Buddhism, for example, focuses on self-development. In fact, it’s about overcoming selfishness, and a central focus of Buddhist life is what we call sangha: the community of those who live by the same values. My involvement in Buddhist sanghas has taught me that a healthy community needs constant attention. We foster it throughout our lives by connecting with other people and by giving our time and our friendship.

The care crisis isn’t going away and sooner or later it will affect us all. It’s time for the discussion to move beyond politics and to start exploring what it means for our own lives.





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