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FICHA 18.3 .THIRD BATCH.”AT”. And there should be a card shark in these snap elections if we want to win much money and not to make do with our windfall

🚣🚣🚣.PREPOSITION ….”AT”…..empleamos at” cuando señalamos el  punto exacto ,,,, de tiempo,,,, de lugar,de espacio,,,,, veamos …… at the airport,,,,, at home,,,, at the theater,,,,,at the top right hand corner  (en la parte superior derecha )  Tambien lo usamos para las vacaciones ,,,,,, at … Continue reading

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18.1. SECOND BATCH…..”TO”. And how my extended family picked up soft fruit from the grocery if it was me who footed the bill

  🔗….ver en ficha posterior Recordemos que ↗️BATCH ……..🔹lote ….. Y viene bien aprenderla junto con ↗️SWATCH ….. 🔹Muestra ,retal (de ropa )….🔗.↗️STRAIN …… 🔹cepa (de bacterias o de virus )…… 🔗🔗🔗. EXERT  ….. We exert influence ,power ON something or … Continue reading

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